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Born in California, Greg is a talented audio engineer and musician. Also a songwriter,  Greg frequently applies his knowledge of composition into his work as a recording and mixing engineer to provide the best sounding and most musical product that can be achieved. His experience as a multi-instrumentalist allows him important insight to work from the mindset of a musician.

He is technically skilled in the world of recording. His experience as an engineer includes working with a variety of large format consoles, including the notable MTA980 Recording Desk and Solid State Logic's Matrix. He works with a variety of digital audio workstations, specializing in Avid's Pro Tools. His skills even extend to studio design and construction. His project studio, self-designed and self-built, completed construction in the summer of 2013.

As a guitar player and vocalist, Greg frequently composes and expresses himself through song. His debut album, Letters, Postcards, and Everything Else was released in December 2014 and showcases his talents as both an engineer and songwriter. Greg is currently living in Paris, France while pursuing his master's degree in Music Technology from New York University, Steinhardt. He is still readily available to remotely work on projects. Please use the contact form for any questions.


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Greg has a wide selection of music on which has written, recorded or performed. This hand-picked portfolio represents some of his best work as both a musician and an audio engineer. Please feel free to contact Greg for a complete portfolio.

"Falling" was written by Greg while he served as the group's lead vocalist and guitar player for a semester long project. In addition to being the writer, Greg also served as vocalist, guitarist, and co-engineer. Additionally, his mix was used in the final release for the song.

Victorian Sky reached out to record "Bookmarks" at Greg's self-constructed project studio in Arcadia, CA. Greg also served as mixing engineer on this track.

Out of eight mixes that Greg crafted for Stevie Rae Stephens' second album, Burn, "I've Had Better" was her personal favorite. Not only does this track demonstrate Greg's skills as a mixing engineer, but also as session acoustic guitar player, having remotely recorded the acoustic guitar for this track.




Greg has worked with a number of clients both in the studio and in live sound. This list compiles those artists and includes some testimonials from select artists.

  • Aces Up
  • Badrootz
  • Big Tree
  • The Bloody Kerouacs
  • Blue Man Group
  • Burnt Palms
  • Capital Cities
  • Center of Own
  • CSUMB University Affairs
  • Dangerbag Productions
  • Epic Proportions Tour
  • Even Taylor
  • Fonzworth Bentley
  • F. Stokes
  • Gabe Kubanda
  • Halocene
  • IAmSU
  • Jeremy Briggs
  • John Nava and the Latin Jazz Collective
  • Khleo Thomas
  • Lady Crooners
  • Martin & Music
  • The McKittrick Hotel
  • MK Groove Orchestra
  • Mystic Roots
  • National Music Sanctuary
  • Ray Bonneville
  • River Guys Productions
  • The Silent Comedy
  • La Santa Cecilia
  • Lillie Lemon
  • Slack
  • Smallpools
  • Sparrow's Gate
  • Stevie Rae Stephens
  • Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us
  • Tyler Hilton
  • Valley Soul
  • Victorian Sky
  • Victor Gil
  • Vito Gambino
  • Wallpaper
  • Wes Swing
  • Zeus Cannon


When I saw that Greg Hanson was leading the sound crew, I was very pleased... Greg and his crew were attentive to every detail of our mix needs on stage... Greg demonstrated his knowledge and skill by simultaneously mixing the room and stage, all while monitoring a stereo feed out to a portable recording unit. The audio feed to the portable was so good, that we use it on our band website for samples of our product. I would not hesitate to hire him and any crew that he would lead for our future sound needs...
— John Nava, Founder Latin Jazz Collective
On the few occasions that I’ve worked with Greg Hanson, he’s been nothing but the consummate professional. I’d recommend him to anyone. He’s a quick learner, fast on his feet, and great at problem solving on the fly. His attitude is always positive, and he’d be a welcome addition to any team or company.
— Gabe Kubanda, Owner/Touring Artist Epic Proportions Tour
Gregory Hanson quickly became an integral part of my creative process when it came to the production of my two albums in the last two years. He has played acoustic and electric guitar on the majority of my professional music, engineered multiple sessions with me and for me, and recently spent his precious time mixing my final portfolio for my Master’s program. Among his many qualities, including his incredible musicianship and personal relation skills, I would say that his impeccable work ethic shines the most in my eyes. Gregory holds himself to the highest standards with ease and grace in every environment he encounters, making phrases like “we’re only human” seem conditional. He is hardworking, efficient, dedicated, compassionate, selfless, honest, understanding, talented, and hilarious on a bad day! I am fortunate, appreciative, and satisfied with everything he works on for me and would recommend his unfaltering skill sets to anyone.
— Stevie Rae Stephens, MM
“My ensemble and I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Gregory Wayne Hanson Jr. twice a week as a bandleader for the past summer and I can state unequivocally that he is one of the most talented and professional individuals I have ever worked with in any field and anyone who is fortunate enough to have him on their team will do better work because of it. Also, there are some really great photos of him as a teenager in his Facebook feed. Five stars and two thumbs up.

— Michael Kammers (MK Groove Orchestra), 2015
Greg Hanson was so much more than my recording engineer. He was my springboard, my consultant, an innovative musician to work with, and a patient educator in all things technical and musical. His creativity, dedication and artistry brought about the realization of my wildest dreams with his talented work on my debut album as a guitarist, bassist, percussionist, sound engineer and producer. It was truly an honor to work with him and I hope we will work together again in the future!
— Emily "Mio" Bischoff, 2015

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