About Greg




Born in California, Greg is a talented audio engineer and musician. Also a songwriter,  Greg frequently applies his knowledge of composition into his work as a recording and mixing engineer to provide the best sounding and most musical product that can be achieved. His experience as a multi-instrumentalist allows him important insight to work from the mindset of a musician.

He is technically skilled in the world of recording. His experience as an engineer includes working with a variety of large format consoles, including the notable MTA980 Recording Desk and Solid State Logic's Matrix. He works with a variety of digital audio workstations, specializing in Avid's Pro Tools. His skills even extend to studio design and construction. His project studio, self-designed and self-built, completed construction in the summer of 2013.

As a guitar player and vocalist, Greg frequently composes and expresses himself through song. His debut album, Letters, Postcards, and Everything Else was released in December 2014 and showcases his talents as both an engineer and songwriter. Greg is currently living in Paris, France while pursuing his master's degree in Music Technology from New York University, Steinhardt. He is still readily available to remotely work on projects. Please use the contact form for any questions.


Studio Engineer

Live Sound Technician

Front of House Mixing

Monitor Mixing


Proficient in DAWs