Greg has a wide selection of music on which has written, recorded or performed. This hand-picked portfolio represents some of his best work as both a musician and an audio engineer. Please feel free to contact Greg for a complete portfolio.

"Falling" was written by Greg while he served as the group's lead vocalist and guitar player for a semester long project. In addition to being the writer, Greg also served as vocalist, guitarist, and co-engineer. Additionally, his mix was used in the final release for the song.

Victorian Sky reached out to record "Bookmarks" at Greg's self-constructed project studio in Arcadia, CA. Greg also served as mixing engineer on this track.

Out of eight mixes that Greg crafted for Stevie Rae Stephens' second album, Burn, "I've Had Better" was her personal favorite. Not only does this track demonstrate Greg's skills as a mixing engineer, but also as session acoustic guitar player, having remotely recorded the acoustic guitar for this track.